By Nataly Kogan

3 tiny things you can do to be more creative

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Whenever someone tells me “Oh, I’m just not that creative,” I cringe inside. Sure, some people are more creative by nature than others, but creativity is something you do vs.something you have to innately feel, and therefore, it’s something you can do more of. I think often we confuse being creative with being artsy -- painting, knitting, making art stuff -- and that’s part of it.

But I think of creativity as a point of view, a way to look at ordinary things and experiences and come up with ways to make them a bit more extraordinary, fun, interesting, or just different.

Here are three of my favorite ways to strengthen your creativity muscle:

Write your own message in a blank card.

Next time you buy a card for a friend’s birthday or anniversary, buy a blank one and write your own message. Pick a pen you like, sit down somewhere peaceful and enjoyable -- your kitchen table, a favorite nook at home, a cafe you love -- and think about something wonderful to share in a card. Spend some time on this (meaning: don’t write the card in the car at a traffic light on the way to your friend’s birthday party). Tell them something you appreciate about them, something you wish for them to experience this coming year, or share a memory of an experience you’ve had together. Maybe you make writing your own cards a habit, maybe you’ll just do it this once, but it’s an extremely thoughtful and special way to share your thoughts and creativity.

Create a beautiful table setting.

No special occasion needed, and in fact, this is most fun to do just on a regular weeknight -- and just wait till you see the happily surprised faces of whoever is joining you for dinner! The goal is not to be fancy, but to have fun and do something that is beautiful to you. You can find some inspiration here and here, but remember this is your table setting so there's no right or wrong way to do it.

Add colorful images to your journal or planner.

Cut out some magazine images that inspire you or visit a store to grab some stickers that make you smile and put them in your planner or journal. You’ll love seeing them when you turn to a new page and you’ll be inspired to think of something new, fresh, and yes, creative.

Next up: Why I paint (aka finding my flow)

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