By Nataly Kogan

A happier reset for a rough day

Here's some bad news: Our brains have a natural negativity bias. This means that they are more attracted to negative stimuli and are always looking for them. It's a bummer but this function likely evolved to help us survive since danger usually comes with negative stimuli.

Our brain's negativity bias means that we notice more negative things and are more affected by them. And what's worse, our negativity bias goes into overdrive once we're already stressed, upset, or frustrated. Negativity begets negativity.

But here's the good news: We can help our brain avoid getting lost in the negativity spiral it might naturally want to follow. And it's not very difficult to do. Here's one incredibly simple idea that might help you to improve a rough or stressful day if you give it a try. I call it a Happier Reset and I share it with you in this Happier Boost video.


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