By Kimberly Mikesh

Expresso yourself: 10 awesome quotes to boost that caffeine-buzz


Coffee packs a health-inducing antioxidant punch. And a growing body of research shows that it also helps improve performance in endurance athletes. But, let's be honest: that's not really why we drink it. Coffee is basically what gets us through our days. From that glorious first sip in the morning, to that afternoon latte that gives us a great excuse to pause and enjoy and take a minute to breathe.

So grab a cup of your preferred caffeine fix and enjoy these 10 awesome quotes about our favorite energy source (sorry, sun!).

  1. We told you it’s good for you! positive quotes,  coffee

  2. It's simple, really.

positive quotes,  coffee

3. The only flow chart you’ll ever need.positive quotes,  coffee

4. Keep the good stuff flowing. Or else.positive quotes,  coffee

5. Who are we to argue with time?positive quotes,  coffee

6. It’s not me, it’s you.

positive quotes,  coffee

7. Coffee: delicious AND transformative.positive quotes,  coffee

8. We’re not exaggerating.

positive quotes,  coffee

9. Move over, whole grains!

positive quotes,  coffee

10. Warm, delicious and encouraging: what more could you possibly ask for? (Except for another cup....)

positive quotes,  coffee

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