By Kimberly Mikesh

Surprisingly affordable -- and seriously cute -- workout clothes

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Cheap workout clothes Photo credit: Fitness on Toast

Whether you love working out or loathe it, getting your sweat on can look and feel great when you’ve got cool, fun, colorful gear. But you don’t need to -- and you shouldn’t -- spend a fortune on it. Affordable workout clothes might be just the inspiration you need to finally get yourself to the gym or outside for a nice long walk, so treat yourself to a whole drawerful of cheap new workout clothes:

Target - C9 by Champion You can rock this line from headband to ankle sock for less than $40. And these aren’t throwaway pieces that you’ll get a season’s worth of workouts in and move on -- the top quality and design of each piece will keep you focused on exercise, not on ill-fitting gear.

Old Navy Whether you’re looking for simple basics to get you through your next spin class or more trendy pieces that will take you from the barre to a bar, you can find them here. And don’t even worry about waiting for a sale; most pieces come in under the $20 mark (and that includes outerwear).

Forever 21 Wait! Don’t leave! We know what you’re thinking because we thought it, too. But that’s before we saw this hot new activewear collection. (We’ll wait for you to go to the website now, and then we’ll take another few seconds for a collective Oh. Mah. Gah.) Functional details like breathable mesh paneling, coveted thumb holes, well-placed (slimming) ruching, and architecturally-inspired necklines make this a terrific line for surprising little money.

And, we’re officially obsessed with their "Going to my happy place” yoga mat.

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