By Mir Kamin

Are business trips stressing you out? These tips are for you.

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No need for a big intro paragraph here: suffice it to say that work-travel almost always sucks brings us down. It’s hard, it’s exhausting, and we miss our real life and the people in it while we’re away. If you’re someone who does a lot (or even a little) of business travel, here are three simple things you can do to make work-travel blow less:

  • Plan at least one fun thing to do while away. Most work trips are packed with meetings or speaking engagements, but you’ll feel a thousand times better if you can squeeze in a tiny bit of time for yourself. It could be a yoga class or meeting up with a friend who lives in the city where you’re traveling to or even making time to grab breakfast at your favorite spot and actually enjoying it without rushing. Even if it’s just one of these fun plans per trip, it all goes much better, and that probably has to do with the fact that even just anticipating this great experience can make you happier. (Research backs this up.)

  • Spend money to reduce hassle. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but a little bit of money can reduce a lot of hassle. For example, one of the best investments you can make if you travel a lot is a second set of makeup and skin-care items that are ready to go when you are. You’ll save time packing your stuff and avoid the hassle of inevitably forgetting something you need. If you get cold on flights and trains, treat yourself to a really soft long shawl to keep warm. Investing in a good piece of luggage that fits what you need for most of your trips and is easy to carry /wheel around is another smart move. Think about your travel and the small moments of annoyance; can a little bit of money help you avoid them?

  • Come up with a fun friend or family tradition for when you travel (or come back). Vow to do — and schedule on your calendar — something you enjoy when you get back. A walk with a friend, fun simple dinner with your family, a yoga class that helps you chill out, or eating a favorite food you can’t get while you’re traveling. Having something good to anticipate will help you get through the stress of work travel and make coming home a treat.

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