By Kimberly Mikesh

All things bling: 10 sparkly accessories guaranteed to make you smile


The easiest way to go from ordinary to extraordinary is to add some sparkle. These 10 glittery accessories make sparkle easy:

  1. Transition from workout to night out: You don’t sweat, you sparkle. Keep your hair out of the way so you can focus on your workout, and then seamlessly transition to a night out with friends. Shower optional.

  2. Happy + Sparkly = Total Win: We love the positive vibes and the glitter of this cool jewelry line. Tons of awesome mantras to choose from, or best part, you can create your own!

  3. Nail it: Pulled together and fun. This OPI lacquer mixes a rosy gold hue with a hint of color; it picks up light and your mood.

  4. Subtle and classic: Less is more. Add one of these glimmering barrettes to keep your hair back and move your look forward.

  5. Glam your tech: Your phone is always with you, so why not have it ring and bling? We love these classic polka dots, or customize to your heart’s content.

  6. Do good and feel great: You can’t go wrong with these simple post earrings. And we love that they’re eco-friendly and beautiful.

  7. Modern day classic: Nothing says you can’t dress up a pair of jeans and a tee with some crystal and chiffon. Or go all out and pair it with your favorite LBD.

  8. Channel your inner ballerina: These shoes give “twinkle toes” a whole new meaning. And they’re a comfortable, low-cost addition to your wardrobe. Guaranteed compliments will make your day, too.

  9. Girls night out: Leave the bulky purse at home and travel with the bare essentials, and sparkle while you do. (And yes, glittery things are absolutely essential.)

  10. Spruce up your space: Let’s face it, work isn’t always fun. But adding some personal sparkle is a great way to brighten your workspace and your mood.

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