By Laura Zigman

7 reasons to get unstuck and be who you're meant to be already

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If you read one inspiring quote today let it be this one by author Anne Lamott. And let it completely sink and and take root at the core of your being because this really is where so many of us are stuck: on the edge of living life to the fullest and on the verge of becoming our best selves but not quite there yet. And not quite there yet can last the rest of our lives if we don't start doing things differently. So take a minute and close your eyes and commit the essence of those words to your brain, because boy it sure would be a shame if:

  • You don't have a blast at the beach or at the pool because you hate the way you look when you're not wrapped up in clothes.
  • You step out of every picture right before it was taken because you don't like the way you look now that you're not as thin or chin-free as you used to be. 
  • You don't do what you've always felt you were meant to do -- write, paint, sing, start a business, travel the world -- because you kept waiting for the planets to align and everything to be perfect so you could start, but they never did align and so you never started (or finished).
  • You don't keep feeding your mind and your soul with books and art and music and nature every single minute of the day because you think you're too busy.
  • You don't let your heart burst when you think of your friends who have kept you sane and made you feel like yourself and stayed with you through years of doubt and struggle and failure and confusion and clear-eyed certainty and successes and victories.
  • You don't see beauty in every minute of every day, even the hardest ones, because you're not paying attention.
  • You're not moved and astonished by the tiny atoms of joy and grace that are given to you every single day.


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