By Nataly Kogan

3 mindset shifts to help you feel happier

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I'm so excited to share this video with you and the 3 science-backed mindset shifts about happiness that I learned on my journey -- and have now taught to hundreds of thousands of people.

Here's a quick summary:

Happiness and emotional well-being are not extras.

They are the foundation for being your best self and doing your best work while navigating life’s ups and downs. When you cultivate your happiness in the present moment, you become more productive, creative, and resilient, you’re more likely to help others and cultivate closer relationships with people in your life, including at work. 

Happiness doesn’t mean feeling positive or smiling all the time!

 To truly thrive, you need to stop trying to turn negatives into positives and learn to embrace the full range of human emotions, including the difficult ones.

Happiness is a skill, not just a feeling, and you can strengthen that skill with practice! 

We all have a happiness baseline, but it accounts for only 50% of how we feel. That means the other 50% is up to you and when you practice happiness as a skill, you will feel more joy and less stress in your daily life. 

Watch my video to hear more about each of the mindset shifts and as a bonus, I share one simple but powerful way to practice your happiness skills!

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