By Kimberly Mikesh

10 socially conscious places to shop

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Giving back has proven to be a very successful business model (look no further than TOMS or Warby Parker for evidence that helping others works). So here's a cheat sheet of other businesses to support when you're looking to partake in some retail therapy while also making the world just a little bit better. 

1) Baby Teresa: For every item they sell they donate another to a child in need. At least now you can fill your baby shower quota knowing that you're helping twice as many little ones get the start in life that they deserve.

Baby Teresa, giving back, Happier

2) Roma Boots: "Giving poverty the boot" is their mission and with every pair of boots that's purchased they donate a pair to a child that needs them. Finally something to feel good about on that next dreary, rainy day.Roma Boots, giving back, Happier  

3) Project 7: Small purchases can add up big time, in this case in the form of gourmet gum and mints. As if flavors like Mint Julep, Birthday Cake, and Front Porch Lemonade don't sound interesting enough, the fact that they donate a portion of each purchase to causes including education and the environment should do the trick. Available online or at tons of big retailers including Target. 

Project 7, giving back, Happier

4) Better World Books: For purists who want their books non-electronically, now you can get your read on while also helping others. For every book purchased, Better World Books donates one to Books for Africa or Feed the Children. Being well read has never felt so good. 

Better World Books, giving back, Happier

5) YoobiThe sad truth is that lots of kids don't have the school supplies they need to do homework and the financial burden can rest on teachers to provide them. The good news is that you can help. Enter Yoobi. Not only do their fun, colorful school supplies make us want to start something creative -- but for every purchase they donate products to classrooms in need. Win-win! 

Yoobi, giving back, Happier

6) Smile Squared: What you get: a tooth brush. What they get: health and self-confidence. Awesome.

Smile Squared, giving back, Happier 

7) Bogo BagLove animals? Look no further. For every bag of dog or cat food purchased they donate a bag to an animal shelter. If you can't adopt them all why not help feed them? (Pssst: All orders receive free shipping every day, so you have no excuse not to.) 

Bogo Bag, giving back, Happier

8) Krochet Kids Feel good about where your purchase comes from. Their on-point designed apparel and accessories (they have men's women's and kid's stuff) are all handmade by women in Peru and Uganda, giving them a way to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. All around awesome. 

Krochet Kids, giving back, Happier

9) Everything Happy: How could we resist with a name like that?! Their motto is "One to love, one to give," which includes blankets, stuffed animal pals, everything... happy. (Like the name says.)

Everything Happy, giving back, Happier

10) Hiptipico: Direct from Guatemalan artisans (and free shipping in the U.S.), all of Hiptipico's offerings including jewelry, clothes, home decor and more seek to preserve Mayan culture and tradition. This will be your go-to for unique gifts that also help give back. 

Hiptipico, giving back, Happier


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