By Nataly Kogan

10 Etsy finds guaranteed to make you smile

Etsy is one of our favorite places to go for unique finds for most occasions. Here are 10 products that will bring a smile to your face (and would make really great gifts for a friend who might need some cheering up):

1. The Mug of Motivation

mug of motivation, etsy finds

Because everyone needs a pep talk from ridiculously cute cartoon animals.

2. Pebbled Octopus Air Planter

etsy finds

Absolutely dare you not to smile when you look at these.

3. Imagine Believe Achieve Mug

etsy finds

For when you need to be your own cheer-leading squad.

4. The Cat With Fish Brooch

etsy finds

Oh, c'mon, you're going to want a few of these.

5. Heartbeat Necklace

etsy finds

Wear your energy on the outside and be reminded to trust your heart, always.

6. Itty Bitty Book of Awesome Ideas

etsy finds

Keep this with you for when a creative idea strikes -- and as inspiration to keep them coming.

7. Happy Snacks Magnet Set

etsy finds

Your fridge never looked this good.

8. Giraffe in Glasses Coasters

etsy finds

No words required other than this is the most smile-inducing coaster we've seen.

9. Big and Bold Owl Ring

etsy finds

Smile every time you look down at your hand when you're wearing this super awesome owl ring. And it's OK if everyone get jealous: you can let them smile, too.

10. Hey There Tassel Keychains


etsy finds

Make looking for your keys something that makes you smile when they are attached to colorful and playful keychains like these.

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