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Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • “I’m always taking care of others and feel drained from putting my wellbeing last.”
  • “I can’t shut off the harsh voice in my head that is constantly judging me and everyone around me.”
  • “I find the negative in every situation.”
  • “I’ve lost a sense of joy in life and often wake up dreading the day.”
  • “I stress the small stuff and can’t easily recover from encounters with difficult or negative people.”
  • “I keep pushing myself harder and harder to reach more goals, but once I achieve them, I only feel happy for a little while before it fades and I have to chase the next goal.”

You CAN feel better and happier without dramatically changing your life!

With this 21-day online course, you will cultivate a sense of genuine emotional wellbeing and feel more joyful, energized, and better able to handle stress and challenges in your daily life.

  • Jouful womanExperience more joy in everyday moments, without having to do more or try harder
  • Learn how to release stress and reduce anxiety by embracing them rather than trying to avoid them
  • Become more self-compassionate and kind to yourself
  • Discover a powerful technique for dealing with difficult people to preserve your inner calm
  • happy dadFind new ways to recharge and practice self-care in just a few minutes
  • Learn the 5-Minute Happier Workout you can use at any time for a happier boost. 
  • Practice the 5 Core Happier Skills through simple exercises that will fit into even the busiest of schedules.

21-Day Happier Group Challenge at a glance

  • Starting October 9th, we’re going to go through the Happier Challenge digital course together, with lots of support
  • Every day of the challenge you'll get an email, a short video from Nataly, a daily action to practice, plus a downloadable PDF to guide you
  • Nataly will lead a live group kick-off call on October 9th and we’ll do another group coaching call at the end of Week 2 of the challenge (and we’ll record these, of course, so you can listen anytime)
  • Find more joy in your everyday, learn how to manage stress with self-compassion, and fuel yourself through self-care and other practices
  • Each daily action takes only a few minutes and can easily fit into your busy schedule
  • Learn simple practices that will become your trusted daily anchors to help you get through big or small life storms
  • Strengthen your emotional immune system, feel uplifted, and more connected to people in your life
  • You can choose to go through the course at your own pace -- and you can take it as many times as you like!

What our students say:

allie"I can’t believe what a difference this course has made! I was a little skeptical at first but gave everyday my all. Some days I didn’t want to do the exercise, but after getting out of my comfort zone the reward was so worth it.

The daily practices of kindness, gratitude, acceptance, and self-care have really relieved my anger towards myself and helped me be more compassionate towards my husband and my kids, especially when things don’t go the way I think they should.

I was in a pretty negative mindset towards most people in my life before the course and it’s been turned around. I feel more compassionate, thankful, and well balanced.

Thank you Nataly!" -- Allie K.

laura"As I reflect on my experience with this course, I recognize a very real change in my thinking.

I am aware of negative thoughts more readily than before. I express and feel joy with more ease.

I acknowledge acts of kindness that previously were part of my daily life -- but I'd taken them for granted.

I am grateful for more small moments in my days.

And I am putting more priority on self-care and learning how to be more aware of my own needs. Thank you for creating a usable, fun, stimulating 21 day challenge!" -- Laura T.

What's included with your 21-Day Happier Group Challenge

5-Pointed Star

21 original videos

where Nataly guides you through different happier skills and practices and shares inspiring stories and scientific research

Comment Message Bubble

Daily reminder emails

so that you never miss valuable content and don’t have to worry about remembering to keep up with the course

Thumbs Up

21 downloadable PDFs

with the summary of the day’s lesson and a simple action plan for how to do the day’s practice

Group of People

A private, supportive Facebook group

where you can be encouraged by other people dedicated to building their happier skills

Sunrise Over Fields

More than a dozen exclusive bonuses

a FREE digital copy of Nataly's book HAPPIER NOW, tip sheets, how-to guides, checklists, coaching calls, videos, surprises, and more

Pencil In Hand

Anytime, anywhere life-time access

so you can take the course at your own pace and convenience and come back to it any time

Awesome Group Challenge Bonuses!

These bonuses are exclusively for this edition of the Happier Group Challenge that starts Oct 9th:

  1. Happier Card - selfcareA FREE digital copy of Nataly's book, Happier Now: How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Embrace Everyday Moments (Even the Difficult Ones)
  2. A detailed tip sheet to help you integrate Happier practices into your daily routine, including tips on how to practice when you’re stressed or facing a challenge
  3. A practice checklist to track your progress
  4. A beautiful handout of Nataly's Top 10 favorite practices from the book that aren’t in the course
  5. A convenient, print-ready 5-Minute Happier Workout guide
  6. Our science-backed 5 One-Minute Practices to Help you Be Happier at Work handout
  7. A live kick-off call with Nataly and Debbie Karch, a 20-year training and development veteran on our team
  8. Live group coaching call with Nataly and Debbie on day 14 of the challenge
  9. Exclusive video of Nataly's Morning Happier Practice
  10. An exclusive web page with all of the bonuses and tools you’ve received during the challenge
  11. An art-infused Certificate of Gratitude and Completion for completing the course

That’s a lot of awesome. 

$200 worth, actually. And you get all of these bonuses, plus lifetime access to the 21-Day Challenge digital course -- a total value of $297 -- for only $97.

A few minutes a day can make a huge difference

"I love the course -- each day's lesson is a small piece of wisdom. It only takes a few minutes each day, which is great because sometimes it feels like I'm hard pressed to squeeze in time to breathe.

And listening to Nataly talk is almost a form of meditation in itself because her voice is so calming and yet full of energy.

Definitely something I'll return to. Thank you so much!" -- Tanya P.

john w"This course gives each of us the resources we need to build more happiness into our daily lives. What makes it that way is the information is presented.

Each day, Nataly describes one important practice, gives an example, and shares supporting research. Then the student is given a simple assignment to practice.

Beyond all that is that it works in my life. My wife even said she’s noticed a difference in me!"-- John P.


21-Day Happier Challenge digital course weekly module overview

WEEK 1: Improving Your Emotional Health

Learn how to practice gratitude, release stress, savor small moments that nourish you, feel more connected and joyful through intentional kindness, and gain a deeper sense of meaning. Finish the week by learning the 5-Minute Happier Workout that helps you practice all 5 Happier Skills in just a few minutes a day.

WEEK 2: Strengthening Your Relationships

Research shows that the strength and warmth of your relationships is incredibly important for genuine wellbeing. During Week 2, you will practice fueling your relationships with kindness and gratitude, create a tiny tradition with friends or family, and practice acceptance by not having to pretend to always feel great.

WEEK 3: Becoming Happier at Work

Whether you work outside the home, as a freelancer, or as a caretaker for other people -- including kiddos! -- this week is dedicated to helping you feel more energized and less stressed from day to day. I will help you find ways to recharge even if you only have a few minutes, and you will learn a powerful technique for dealing with difficult or rude people in a way that preserves your inner calm and wellbeing.

Feel happier, more resilient, and connected to people you care about

Becky Kruger"This was such a simple but profound daily exercise. 

I'd watch the daily video and take the quiz every morning over breakfast and make an effort to do the practice that day. 

I've noticed a marked difference in my mood, resilience, and ability to feel grateful for all that's good in my life. 

Thank you Nataly for this wonderful and easy to follow course!" -- Becky K.

"I really enjoyed taking this course with my husband. 

We discussed the lessons and did many of them together. 

I think having taken this course will help both of us reduce our negativity bias and feel more gratitude in our daily lives. 

I hope it will also boost our resilience during difficult times. 

I think it was a great investment in our mental and emotional health. I highly recommend everyone take this, especially with their significant other if possible." -- Jolie C.

This course can change your life

The practices and techniques I share with you in this course helped me get from the darkest, most difficult time in my life to a place where I am able to find so much more joy in everyday moments, feel more connected and present with people in my life, and get through stressful times with self-compassion and resilience.

I've taught these same practices to tens of thousands of people and have seen them experience the same life-changing benefits.

And now I want to share them with you. Join me and start to see the difference from your first day in the course.

The 21-Day Happier Group Challenge digital course with bonuses is just $97

And, we offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you decide that the 21-Day Happier Challenge Digital Course isn’t right for you, just email us within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full. That’s a promise.

I wanted to stop dreading my days and feel better

Nataly stripesJust a few years ago, I was completely exhausted and burned out. I felt unfulfilled in my life, disconnected from my family, including my husband and daughter, and overwhelmed with massive self-doubt. I felt like I’d hit a wall.

I felt hopeless.

You see, for the previous two decades, I had thought the key to happiness was achieving a lot, becoming really successful, caring for my loved ones, and making everything in my life perfect, including myself. I believed only THEN I would get permission to feel good.

I lived according to the mantra, “I’ll be happy when….”

And I did achieve a lot. At 13, I came to the United States as a refugee with my parents, and we began our lives on welfare and food stamps in the projects. I worked hard and was so proud to achieve many of my big goals, from learning to speak English without an accent, to having a great career and a family.

But I wasn’t enjoying any of this wonderful life I had built.

I was exhausted and felt like I was doing something wrong. I was snapping at people I loved and treating myself with harshness instead of kindness. I had convinced myself that I simply wasn’t worthy of feeling happier.

I needed to find another way to live.

Learning how to be happier now

nataly kitchenWhat I discovered when I turned to scientific research is that being happier is a skill anyone can improve through simple practices that take only a few minutes.

I was resistant to try them at first because they didn’t go well with the story I had told myself about not being worthy of genuine joy. But as a mom of a young daughter, I knew I needed a change. I began to make these simple practices part of my daily routine.

They changed everything.

I didn’t become some happy-go-lucky person overnight.

But I learned to feel the joy in the many everyday moments. I learned how to embrace my difficult emotions rather than try to run from them or fear them. I learned to be more compassionate towards myself -- and others -- and to do more of the things that bring me a sense of purpose.

I learned how to be happier now, in my life as it was, even when everything wasn't perfect (it never is).

And now I am sharing the skills and practices that changed my life with you!

I’ve taught them to tens of thousands of people who I’ve seen learn how to live with more joy, self-compassion, meaning, and resilience. I can’t wait to lead you on this journey in this 21-Day Happier Challenge digital course!

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I go through this 21-Day Challenge at my own pace?

    Absolutely. Once you register, you have lifetime access to all the course materials. You can go through the course at whatever pace you like and come back to it or retake it at any time. 

    We’d love for you to join our group challenge, but completely understand that it might not work with your schedule. And, if you miss a few days, you can easily catch up and continue with the group -- no problem. (And, you get the bonuses no matter what!)

  • What if I can’t make the live calls with Nataly?

    No worries at all! We will record the calls and send you the recording, so you can listen at any time that works for you.

  • I’ve read your book, HAPPIER NOW. Will I learn anything new as part of this challenge?

    Yes! The course has 21 original videos, with many exclusive practices not included in the book, and a guided learning process to strengthen your Happier skills. The course is designed to be a companion to the book or as a stand-alone learning process. Plus, we’ve added tons of exclusive bonuses to help you get the most from this course.

  • I want to have my team or group of friends join me for this challenge. Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes, absolutely. And you’re awesome for thinking about people you care about. Please send an email to and we’ll make this happen for you.

  • I already got access to the 21-Day Happier Challenge digital course as part of my pre-order of HAPPIER NOW. Can I get access to the live calls and other bonuses?

    Thank you so much for pre-ordering the book! And YES! We would love to offer you a special discount for this group challenge, including all the bonuses. 

    I’m so excited that  a number of people who have taken the course on their own, have already signed up for the group challenge! Please simply reply to this email and we’ll send you the details for your special discount.

  • How long will I have access to all of the course materials in this challenge?

    Once you register, you have lifetime access!

  • What is the money-back guarantee?

    We offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you decide that The 21-Day Happier Challenge Digital Course isn’t right for you, just email us within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full.

  • What if I have more questions?

    No problem! Send an email to and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible.