Leading Through Adversity

Leading through uncertain and difficult times is challenging. We've created a program to help you struggle less so you can bring your best to your work and the people you lead.

Leading Through Adversity 

with Nataly Kogan

A 3-month intensive program dedicated to cultivating emotional health and elevated leadership skills to help you successfully lead through the challenges you are facing right now.

How this will help you

You'll learn a science-backed, simple method to strengthen your emotional health skills so you can struggle less, have more energy, and show up at your best for the work and people you care about, including:

  • How to struggle less and optimize your energy amidst challenges, so you can be at your best and help others do the same
  • How to help yourself and your colleagues manage difficult emotions, uncertainty, and everyone’s individual circumstances
  • Simple strategies to strengthen team culture to create a greater sense of connection,  through kindness and gratitude, even when working remotely or under constantly changing conditions
  • Ways to realistically prioritize your well-being in your packed schedule
  • How to balance motivation with compassion as a leader
  • Specific steps to reduce the pressure and overwhelm from juggling yours and others’ additional work and family responsibilities

You will build a practical tool-kit to help you successfully lead through the challenges you and your team are facing right now!

About Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan is one of the leading global experts in optimizing your emotional health and elevating your leadership. She’s the creator of the Happier Method™, founder and CEO of Happier, and author of Happier Now.

Nataly yellow dressAfter a successful career as a venture capital investor and tech executive at companies like McKinsey and Microsoft, Nataly gave it all up to create Happier, with the mission to help millions of people thrive in work and life by improving their emotional health with science-backed skills and practices.

Today, tens of thousands of people strengthen their well-being and Elevated Leadership skills through Happier @ Work programs, online courses, and other learning tools.

Nataly is also a highly sought-after international keynote and TEDx speaker, and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, dozens of companies and teams have attended one of her the more than 70 sessions on Emotional Health During Challenge and Uncertainty, which has given Nataly first-hand experience with the skills leaders need to successfully and sustainably manage through adversity.

What can you expect

LTA benefit1
  • Science-backed, emotional health skills to help you struggle less so     you can have more energy and be more resilient
  • Proven emotional health skills for leaders to help your team thrive during uncertainty and strengthen    a culture of kindness and gratitude, even when working remotely
  • Tangible 1-5 minute individual and leader practices you can easily incorporate into your daily routine and interactions with your team

  • All sessions are taught live by Nataly
  • Group and individual support, and coaching by Nataly in between sessions (email and reinforcement videos)
  • Opportunity to bring your current challenges to Nataly and the group
  • Group size is limited to under 25 members to optimize for learning and connection
  • Opportunity to schedule personal coaching sessions with Nataly (additional fee)

LTA benefit3
  • Members are personally chosen by Nataly
  • All members lead, manage, or have direct impact on a team (Senior Director, VP or above)
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer support, connection, and accountability
  • A safe space to learn and grow, explore your challenges, and celebrate our accomplishments
  • This program is open to women and men

This program is the helping hand you need right now to be at your best and successfully lead through this time of uncertainty and adversity.

Your investment

The cost of this 3-month intensive program is $2,750. 

What will we be learning together?

Nataly close upYou’ll learn the Happier Method™ for Leaders, a science-backed, practical blueprint for strengthening your emotional health skills and leading a people-embracing culture that enables people to be at their best.

We’ll start with the Elevated Leadership Mindset Shifts and then dive into the 5 Emotional Health Skills for Leaders: Acceptance, Gratitude, Intentional Kindness, The Bigger Why, and Self-Care and Compassion. 

You will learn the science behind each of these skills, along with specific ways to apply them in different situations, especially in the challenging environment you, your team, and colleagues are facing today. For each of the skills, you will learn tangible, simple yet impactful individual and leader practices to help you strengthen them—on your own and with your colleagues.

We will discuss how to apply the collection of these skills during times of challenge and change and together, workshop any specific challenges members of the group are facing.

This goes far beyond motivational and inspirational ideas — you’ll learn by doing, putting the skills into practice, and integrating the tools into your daily routine with guidance from Nataly and the group.

What leaders say about our programs

How does it work?

  • LTA logo small3-month intensive program beginning end of September, 2020
  • 7 live, 75-minute Zoom video sessions, scheduled throughout the 3 months
  • Every session includes focused learning objectives, homework, check-in on the      previous session’s homework, discussion to dive into specific member questions, and live-coaching
  • All sessions are recorded and members commit to attending a minimum of 5 sessions live (schedule is published well in advance)
  • Members have unlimited email access to Nataly during the program and the opportunity to schedule a 1:1 coaching session

How do I join?

Our next program starts soon!  

The next Leading Through Adversity program will kick off in April of 2021.

To be considered, please click the link below to answer a few questions. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

If you have questions, please send us an email to team@happier.com.