Working at Happier

We’re a small team of entrepreneurs, developers, and designers working out of an awesome Happier HQ loft in Boston. We work hard and have insane passion for building an incredible product but we also value having a life outside work, hobbies, and fun.

If you are passionate about building kickass products that can truly change people's lives, give us a shout. We are always looking for smart, entreprenurial people.

Generalist Engineer

We're looking for some someone who's willing (but not necessarily immediately capable!) of doing ops work, DBA work, front-end dev, hacky integrations to proof-of-concept new ideas, and generally just dive in where the need is. If you're someone who considers yourself a true hacker, and "know enough to be dangerous" on a slew of topics, you're exactly the kind of person that we're looking for. We don't care about language or stack experience - just your ability to dig in and get stuff done.

Android Developer

You're ready to step up and build Happier for Android. You'd be leading the charge on Android, from building out a beautiful user experience to integrating with our internal API's, building rock solid data management, maintaining broad device support, and creating a 5-star experience for the thousands of Android users just waiting to finally have Happier.

A great candidate for this position would work great in an agile environment, shipping regularly, constantly improving, and building out native features as split tests, all while maintaining high app stability. You should have rock solid Java chops, and have shipped Android apps that you can point to in the Play Store.

Junior Web Developer

You'd be our point person for implementing new courses, working with our Course team to create a great customer experience. Typical development experience isn't as important as a hacker mentality and a willingness to roll up your sleeves. This would be largely web frontend work, but also involve creating small tools for our Course team, and our Course Experts, to keep them supplied with the information they need to create amazing courses for our epic Happier community. You're good with HTML-wrangling, but, after HTML-wrangling the same thing a few times, you can come up with a better solution to save time in the future.

Dev Ops/Ops

You'd be stepping into a role we simply don't have right now at Happier - focusing entirely on ops, and maintaining a fast, smooth experience for Happier users. We'd be looking at you to make infrastructure decisions, dig deep on performance, handle AWS, reporting databases, monitoring, and our database (Mongo!). You'd be able to take a look around, list out the highest priority items, and dig in on overhauling our infrastructure to keeping uptime high, request time low, and scale our systems as we continue to grow rapidly into the future.

Backend Engineer

You would help define, implement, and support our server-side API's, scale our service from hundreds of thousands to millions of users, and work closely with mobile and frontend web engineers to create new features and new experiences of Happier users. You know Tornado, you know Mongo, you've used Celery in-depth, you know enough ops work to be dangerous, massive gobs of data excites you, and you care deeply about code quality and uptime. In short, you're ready to step in and help craft a critical part of the Happier experience.

If you think you'd be a great fit for any of these roles, get in touch.