Happier Skills

Happiness isn't just something you feel -- it's skill you can build and improve through practice. We're here to help you do it in just a few minutes a day.

5 Core Happier Skills

Backed by research in psychology and sociology, the 5 Core Happier skills are elegantly simple and accessible. You might practice some of them already. That's awesome!

But when you bring them together and practice regularly, they become an impressive powerhouse that helps you find more joy in simple everyday moments and boost your emotional immune system so you can get through tough time with resilience.

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Acceptance of our situation and feelings, especially when they’re difficult, allows us the clarity to make better decisions about how to move through them. It also helps us feel more peaceful because we don’t waste emotional energy fighting how we feel. Instead, we develop confidence in our resilience and ability to get through challenges.

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Gratitude helps us experience more moments of joy within the lives we already have, without having to do anything to change them. It's the most powerful way to counter our brain’s natural negativity bias -- its tendency to focus on anything that's wrong, stressful, or annoying. Gratitude also prevents us from taking the many wonderful things and people in our lives for granted.

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Being intentionally kind toward other people helps strengthen our human connections so that we feel safe and supported by a meaningful network. It's the fuel that nourishes our relationships. Even the tiniest acts of kindness we express toward strangers help humanize our daily experience and bring us joy.

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The Bigger Why

Connecting to our sense of meaning -- our bigger why -- helps us see more of what we do at work and at home as being in service to other people and a greater purpose. This is especially helpful when things are challenging or tedious, and it also helps us feel a deeper satisfaction when things are going well.

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The practice of self-care -- nurturing a kinder relationship with ourselves -- is essential because it’s impossible to feel happier if we’re emotionally, spiritually, and physically drained. It includes practicing self-compassion, learning how to rest resting, and finding ways to fuel your soul with creativity.

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