The Gift of Self-Compassion

with Nataly Kogan

A 30-day program to learn and practice being kinder to yourself.

About the Program

Being kind to yourself has been shown to have incredible benefits in every area of well-being, including improving emotional resilience, optimism, life satisfaction, and reducing anxiety and stress.

And yet, most of us don’t practice self-compassion and treat ourselves with harshness we wouldn’t dare show towards people we care about.

The Gift of Self-Compassion is a 30-day program that will help you learn simple but powerful techniques for practicing self-compassion, apply them in different situations, and be inspired to develop a kinder relationship with yourself.

What's Included

All content will be delivered right to your email, so you can easily access it when convenient.

Weekly original videos where I dive into different ways to practice self-compassion

Weekly tip sheets with simple and practical suggestions for being kinder to yourself

Short daily inspirations and prompts to help you practice what you're learning

Suggested additional reading to deepen your practice

Beautifully designed downloadables with my original art and inspiring quotes

The regular price for this course is $24.95 but we're thrilled to offer you this course for free as part of our Self-Care December initiative!

Testimonials from Students Who Have Taken This Course

"I am still referring back to a lot of what I learned and building on it. I'm rarely angry with myself now and manage better when things go wrong. This has really helped with my anxiety." - Virginia

"What I learned in this course helped me realize I can show the same tenderness to myself that I show others." - Andrew

"This course was a big help in bringing focus to myself in a non-critical way. When I signed up, I felt ready to shift many things in my life, but doubted my ability to make change happen. Now I feel in motion, with a touch more confidence, a clearer view of the value of doing these things for me (and not just my family), and a way to spiritually support and encourage myself." - Lynn

"This course helped me find ways to be kinder to myself. I also took your lessons and introduced them to my son. I still repeat the Loving-Kindness meditation to myself throughout the day if I'm starting to feel stressed." - Cathy

"Nataly opened my mind to new ideas on how to have self compassion. I really loved her inspiring videos and very practical how-tos. It felt like getting advice from a good friend." - John

"Nataly helped me realize how harshly I was treating myself. After taking this course I feel like I really am a self-compassion warrior and have the tools to always treat myself with kindness. Nataly was so inspiring and helpful!" - Maria

Why I Created This Program

I spent most of my life beating myself up at every opportunity. If I made a mistake, it was like committing a sin I had to pay for; if I didn’t achieve something the way I wanted, I was a total failure. The idea of being kind to myself seemed ridiculous, like a copout.

A few years ago I got to a very dark place and every area of my life became affected, from my work to my relationships. With guidance and at first very reluctantly, I began to treat myself in a kinder way for the first time in my life.

It didn’t just made a difference -- it changed everything.

I still have to work at this every day. Self-compassion, like becoming happier, is a skill, and one that requires our intentional practice or it gets rusty. And that’s why I created The Gift of Self-Compassion, to help you make this incredibly important skill a part of your life.

You deserve the gift of your own kindness.

- Nataly

About Nataly

Nataly has dedicated her life to helping people live meaningful, joyful lives filled with more lightness and kindness and less struggle and suffering. Inspired by her own failure to find happiness by chasing after achievements and success, Nataly spent years studying scientific research on happiness as well as learning from Eastern traditions such as yoga, meditation, Buddhism, and more.

Through Happier, a company she founded with the mission to help people live happier lives, she has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to live with more gratitude and joy. As one of the leading experts on happiness and well-being, Nataly has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Oz Show, USA Today, and many others.

An immigrant to the US, who escaped the Soviet Union with her parents when she was 13 years old, Nataly has never lost touch with her difficult experience. Her passion for sharing her journey is fueled by a belief she formed while a refugee on the way to the US -- that you can find beauty and kindness and lightness in even the most difficult circumstances. She lives in Boston with her husband and 12 year-old daughter, is an avid aspiring painter, and lover of good food and anything with stripes.

Why wait? Make a commitment to practice self-compassion today.