Happier Connections Box

in partnership with

Nataly Kogan Happier CEO (who has a mighty nice TEDx talk!)

It's a scientific fact: Strong ties with friends and family make you happier.

So we decided to do something cool and partnered with our friends at American Greetings to bring you this limited edition Happier Connections box.

We filled the box with custom-designed, Happier-inspired goodies that will help you connect with the awesome people in your life – including yourself!

The items in the box are only available as part of this limited-time special offer and I'll be honest with you: I squealed when I opened it. THEY ARE AMAZING!

What's included:


A little everyday reminder that awesomeness is all around, just waiting for you to notice.

Smile! Pass It Along Deck

52 mini notes to personalize, share, and spread happiness on the fly.

Moments & Memories Journal

Practice gratitude in style by writing down small happy moments in your custom journal.

Complete Set of Happy Hellos Greeting Cards

A collection of blank-inside note cards to brighten someone’s day—no special occasion required.

Happiness Is Everywhere Pencils

Bright-colored, happy pencils make writing much more fun. It’s like a little party for your grocery list.


We added a little something extra just for you at the bottom of the box. We hope it makes you smile.

Ready to be the HAPPY in someone's day?

Special offer:


Get your Happier box!
Only 56 of 63 left

Special offer:


Get your Happier box!
Only 56 of 63 left