By Laura Zigman

Which would you rather eat? (Shocker: 'Twinkies' isn't the right answer.)

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"Many of my clients over the years have shied away from eating fats, thinking that all fats make you, well, fat," says Happier health and fitness expert Kristin McGee. "Actually, certain kinds of healthy fats can make us super strong. A fascinating study from the 1940s showed that when farmers tried to feed their cows coconut oil to fatten them up, the cows actually became leaner and more active! Eating healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, or coconut oil makes us feel full and satisfied, which helps us stay lean. When we have a well-oiled system we’re more able to be active (it’s like oil in a car), and being more active makes us happier. Just watching my son run around at the playground reminds me how movement is an automatic recipe for joy. You can teach your body to crave the natural sweetness of a perfectly ripe avocado instead of the artificial sweetness of processed snacks. There are so many ways to eat strong foods every day at every meal!"

Kristin’s McGee's challenge:

"Today, try having amazing, succulent, healthy fats at a meal. Slice open a fresh avocado, drizzle some fresh olive oil on a salad, use coconut oil in a smoothie or a stir fry, or savor a square of good (over 70% cacao) dark chocolate. Savor the sweet fat and smile with joy. Notice how you still have energy to move around instead of lounge on the couch (which often happens after we eat a greasy hamburger and fries, pizza, chips and Twinkies)."

(For more Kristin McGee, go here to learn about Happier’s free “Eat, Move, Feel Strong” course.)

Happier health and fitness expert Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor, a contributing yoga and wellness editor for Health Magazine (and, and a brand ambassador for C9 by Target.

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