"It’s the rare human among us who doesn’t suffer from a whopping case of buts now and then," says Happier's meditation and mindfulness expert, Dave Romanelli. "We’d have more life success, but obstacles are in our way. We’d sleep better, but we can’t calm our minds. We’d be happier, but there are just too many things worrying us. And while our daytime happiness pursuits offer perspectives on how to get beyond these self-imposed blockers, science has proven again and again that a good night’s sleep is one of the most consistent predictors of increased success in everything from cognitive to physical tasks. In other words, focusing on supposed barriers -- "buts" -- interferes with our sleep, which interferes with our happiness and success, which produces more barriers (real or imagined). Figuring out how to quiet the “buts" improves your sleep and removes limitations from your life… making you happier and more able to see all the positives and possibilities. One might say the possibilities become endless!"

For more about clearing out your mental clutter -- a.k.a. the "buts" -- to sleep better -- watch this short video:


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