By Nataly Kogan

Can the Apple Watch make you happier?

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There are a lot of opinions about technology and its impact on our lives — some say it’s helping us stay connected and get more done; others worry it’s adding stress and distraction. So when Apple introduced the Apple Watch we spent a lot of time thinking about whether we could create an app for it that would truly benefit people in a meaningful way -- and would be true to our mission of helping people become happier in their daily lives.

We think the Apple Watch is a great personal assistant, and if you take time to learn your way around it, it can help you prioritize what you need to know and when, get more done with less effort, and look pretty stylish as you do it. But a truly awesome personal assistant can do even more and remind you to take some time for yourself during your busy day. With the introduction of the Happier app for the Apple Watch, we hope we can do just that.

There’s research that shows when people pause a few times a day to consider how they are feeling and what types of emotions they're experiencing, they actually report gaining a more positive outlook. (Researchers stipulate that this is because we often remember negative emotions better than positive ones, and when we pause to consider them we realize we had more good feelings in our days than we might have thought.)

The Happier Apple Watch app asks you to share how you’re feeling and, as your trusted mindfulness coach, it suggests simple, bite-sized activities to help lift your mood:

If you’re feeling a bit “meh,” — we’ve all been there! — take 10 seconds to focus on something positive and shift your mindset. It’s like a quick meditation right in your pocket.

If you’re feeling down or stressed out, browse through our collection of uplifting quotes to gain some perspective. It won’t fix all your problems, but it will help you approach them from a better place.

When you feel great, capture something you appreciate using just your voice — research shows that when you share something good you enhance how good you feel about it.

Our world is constantly asking for our attention — notifications pop up on our phones all the time and with the Apple Watch, they can now even tap you on your wrist. As information reaches us easier it also means that we have to do more to create some spaces for ourselves away from it all. There’s nothing fancy about mindfulness but to avoid falling into the trap of being pulled in a hundred directions all the time, we have to be intentional about it and take care of our emotions and stress levels. Technology — like the Apple Watch — can be a positive part of our lives, but we do have to remember who’s in charge.

We'd love for you to check out the Happier Apple Watch app and take some mindful breaks throughout your busy days!


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