By Laura Zigman

35 tiny things to clean that will make you pathetically happy


Seriously. No one's talking major cleaning, or sanitization, or Martha Stewart-perfection. We're just suggesting a few spring cleaning tips: some wiping, maybe a little light dusting, possibly a teeny-tiny bit of decluttering. Why? Because while you might not believe it, cleaning actually makes you happier. And living in a clean, well-organized environment can make you feel way less stressed.  

So here are 35 tiny things to clean that will make you hugely and pathetically happy:

 1. The trunk of your car. (Get one of these trunk-organizers.)


2. Your glove compartment. 

3. That space between your two front seats. 

4. Your bathroom sink. (And here's the speed-cleaning version for the rest of the bathroom.)


5. Your medicine cabinet. (Dump anything that's expired [the safe way].)

6. Your hairbrushes. (Bring brushes with you into the shower and shampoo!)

7. Your toothbrushes. (You can also run them through the dishwasher!)


8. Your refrigerator. (Move a big trashcan over and it'll practically clean itself!)

9. Your microwave. (Put a bowl of water and a lemon in there and it'll practically clean itself!)



10. Those big heavy stove grates that get dirty every time you cook dinner.


11. Those disgusting greasy dusty vent-things over your stove. 



12. Your coffee maker. 

13. Your spice cabinet. (Throw out any spice in a jar so dusty you can barely read the label and any spice you've never heard of. Then buy new ones at Trader Joe's.)

14. Your vegetable drawer. 

15. Your fruit drawer.

16Your junk drawer. (If you'd rather procrastinate for a while, you can just read about other people's junk drawers or listen to an NPR piece about junk drawers...)

17. Your sock drawer.

18. Your computer screen.

19. Your phone screen.

20. Your tablet screen.

21. Your TV screen.

22. Your keyboard.

23. Your eyeglasses.

24. Your sunglasses.

25. Your wallet.

26. Your phone case.

27. Your purse.

28. Your yoga mat.

29. Your water bottle.

30. Your reusable coffee cup.

31. Your headphones.

32. Your earbuds.

33. Your hair ornaments (In the dishwasher!)

34. Your pencil cup (In the dishwasher!)

35. Your vacuum cleaner head. (With a teeny tiny little brush!)


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