By Kimberly Mikesh

9 photos that will make you ridiculously happy right now

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Happiness doesn't need to be complicated. And we know that smiling, even fake smiling is a guaranteed way to boost your mood immediately. So with that in mind, we bring you10 photos that will seriously make your day:

1) Best to-do list. Ever. 

Kids to-do list

(via Tumblr)

2) Celebrate everything. 

Celebrate everything

(via Huffington Post)

3) Reduce, recycle, reuse, rejoice!

Phone booth fish tank

(via Pinterest)

4) Aging awesomely.

Aging awesomely

(via Buzzfeed)

5) They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Best. luck. ever. 

rainy day wedding

(via Reuters)

6) Refreshingly awesome.

refreshingly awesome

(via Paper Blog)

7) We'd stroll down this shady alley any day. 

colorful hanging umbrellas

(via Where Cool Things Happen)

8) A smiling praying mantis high five on a tight rope? Yes please. 

Smiling praying mantis


(via Gizmodo

9) Rockin' the bow tie like a boss.

Bow tie baby

(via Pinterest)

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