At every job level and in every industry we see the workaholic ethos being hailed as the only path to success. And thanks to our smartphone addictions we're reachable at almost any time and place, blurring the lines between our work life and our "real" life. So how do you draw the line between work and life and balance the two? You don't. And when you ditch the guilt and blend the two you'll be a whole lot happier.

The problem with seeking work life balance is that there's no clear success state. You'll always be busy at work and at home (and no, getting through just this one "crunch time" will not help, either). But when you change the goal from "achieving work life balance" (whatever that is) to "being happier," well, now you've got something concrete and measurable to accomplish. 

Compartmentalizing your life is just too hard, so stop trying. Instead, your efforts are better used focusing on improving the overall quality of your life (both work and real life) and trust us, you'll never miss the guilt. Want to get started? Great! We've got a blog for that :) But here are some tips to get you going on the right path: