If you think you’re a multitasking hero, think again. When you switch away from what you’re doing to do something else – like say, answer an email during a meeting, which we’ve all done – you’re increasing the time it will take you to finish your primary activity by 25 percent.

Getting stuff done is an awesome feeling — it makes you happier. But too much of a good thing — multitasking — doesn’t make you happier. So instead of going on auto-pilot overload, try this revolutionary idea:

Focus on doing just one thing at a time.

Don’t check your email while you’re working on something else. If you need to take a call step away from your computer. If you’re going out to grab coffee let yourself have a few minutes to just drink the coffee, not check email or talk on the phone at the same time. Give multitasking a break and see how you feel. It might turn out you get more done.