Who knew that the rise in depression in the past few years could be linked to something as basic as how much more we slouch now?

While it’s obvious that texting, binge-watching, and staring at our computers/smartphones/tablets for hours on end has had an horrendous effect on our posture, what’s less obvious is the huge effect our horrendous posture has had on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Energy levels, thoughts, even a sense of purpose and control in our lives are all affected by our physicality, meaning that slouching is not only a reflection of our existing mood but it can also affect ability to change our mood.

Good posture has the power to change our mood, too.

Want to feel more positive and powerful? Stand up straight(er). The old fake-it-till-you-make-it adage applies to good posture because your body can trick your mind into feeling happier and more confident. For more about the powerful connection between body and soul, read this. Just make sure you’re standing up straight when you do.