It’s not your fault: When the temperature drops it’s natural to start craving warm, hearty fat-filled-comfort-foody meals. In fact, there’s even a biological basis for it: Eating moisture-rich foods (think: avocados, beets, winter squash and legumes, not melted cheese and ice cream) helps boost immunity and can even help ward off dry skin. Our metabolism naturally tanks in the cold winter months, so these slow-to-burn energy sources are just what you need to keep your body stoked.

If you need some extra motivation to break out the pots and pans this winter, just remember that being in the kitchen means you’ll be close to the oven and stove, which means you’ll be really, really warm (in a good, non-creepy way).

  1. Hearty soup (think: spring in a bowl)
  2. Skillet gnocchi with chard and white beans
  3. One-pot roast chicken and potatoes Bonus: make this one weekly, and mix up the flavor profile and veggies each time (try classic garlic and rosemary one week; give it a Moroccan twist with cumin, ginger and coriander next week).